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WAGNER puts system into fire safety.

We develop individual fire safety solutions for customers as integral concepts. Each concept is made up of the fire detection, fire prevention, fire-fighting and hazard management components that are relevant in each case.

The fire safety technologies we use are developed further in accordance with market requirements and customer problems in order to ensure adequate fire detection and offers adequate protection against the damage that each individual customer may potentially suffer in a fire.

The following are examples of our approach.

  • Lessons learned from a fire in a data centre led to the development of air sampling smoke detection systems in order to protect IT equipment. Today, these systems are used as a standard solution in hundreds of data centres.
  • WAGNER successfully designed and developed a fire safety solution based on nitrogen in order to comply with the specific requirements of a number of customers where neither chemical fire-extinguishing gases nor toxic carbon dioxide could be used.
  • The extremely high levels of dependency on high-availability data centres led to the concept of permanent fire prevention based on oxygen reduction.
  • A patented combination of permanent fire prevention for the complete warehouse and a carbon dioxide extinguisher system for the extremely flammable substances in the warehouse was developed for hazardous chemical storage. This system has since been tested and approved by Vds.
  • The latest highlights are our successful fire safety systems for li-ion battery storage applications and data centres with indirect open KyotoCooling™ systems.

These solutions take the high dependency on problem-free availability of IT and warehouse systems into account. WAGNER creates and implements fire safety solutions which satisfy our customers’ special requirements.

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