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Specific hazards in high-bay warehouses

Modern high-bay warehouses, with their compact design, their height and densely stored goods create ideal conditions for rapid fire propagation. In the worst case, the fire department faces a hopeless task. So prevention has to be a first priority.

Risk analysis
  • Fires are typically caused by short-circuits in the racking storage and retrieval vehicle, live cables or switch cabinets
  • Cardboard, paper, plastic film, oil and wooden pallets all contribute to a high fire load
  • Rack heights of up to 40 m and the narrow aisles create ideal conditions for dynamic fire propagation (chimney effect)
    • Rising combustion gases heat and ignite the goods stored at higher levels
    • Only minutes are required for fire penetration right up to the underside of the warehouse ceiling
  • Smoke and soot contaminate other goods stored in the vicinity
  • Very restricted access for fire fighting due to
    • The height and density of the stored goods
    • Immobile storage and retrieval vehicles
    • Falling objects
    • Narrow approach routes
  • In addition to the undesirable disruption to operations, a fire often results in a total write-off and environmental damage
Definition of the protection goal
  • To maintain delivery capability and goods availability without interruptions
  • No damage to the goods and systems by fire, soot or the water used to put out the fire
  • Permanent fire safety without restricting staff movements, use of the building, or influencing the goods and flow of goods

A customer-specific fire safety package from a single-source vendor: ranging from the OxyReduct® fire prevention system on its own, or the highly sensitive TITANUS® early-warning fire detection system in combination with OxyReduct®, with the FirExting® fire-fighting system as a rapid mitigation measure, to integrated hazard management using VisuLAN®.


OxyReduct® fire prevention system
Immediate reduction in oxygen content - immediate increase in safety: fires have no chance against OxyReduct®


TITANUS® high sensitivity early-warning fire detection
up to 2000 times more sensitive than traditional smoke detectors


FirExting® fire-fighting system
Fire extinguishing using chemical and inert gases


Hazard Management system - VisuLAN®
Perfectly organised and comprehensive set of system management views

Case study

Phoenix Mecano Kecskemét Kft.



Phoenix Mecano chose the OxyReduct® fire prevention system with VPSA technology for its newly built high-bay storage warehouse in Kecskemét, Hungary.


The VPSA technology generates the nitrogen required for the oxygen reduction climate-friendly and cost-effective directly from the ambient air.


Read the full report on the project here.

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