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Small fire - major problem

Goods have to be available around the clock today – in many cases on a just-in-time basis. Modern high-bay storage facilities are designed with these new requirements in mind. As a result however, the vulnerability of countless production processes has also increased: due to this concentration within single, large logistics sites, there is a much greater risk of the entire value-generation and delivery chain coming to a halt in the event of fire. So downtime must be avoided at all costs.

Risk analysis
  • Technical faults in electrical equipment, switch cabinets and control cabinets, electric motors and the associated batteries, cooling arrays for frozen storage facilities, defrosters and welding and cutting/grinding work during repairs all increase the risk of fire
  • Material can be brought in that harbours sparks, which then develop unnoticed before resulting in a sudden surface fire after several hours
  • Hot-shrink packaging films, pallets and irradiated goods can also cause a fire
  • High fire load due to the presence of packaging films and board, wooden pallets and plastic containers
  • Accelerated fire propagation due to rising combustion gases in the narrow aisles, which may lead to fire penetration right up to the level of the underside of the warehouse ceiling within a very short space of time
  • Poor access for fire-fighting activities due to the confined construction and warehouse height, danger of collapse and falling objects
Protection goal
  • To maintain delivery capability and goods availability without interruptions
  • No damage to the goods and systems by fire, soot or the water used to put out the fire
  • Permanent fire safety without restricting staff movements, use of the building, or influencing the goods, the flow of goods and the warehouse equipment

A customer-specific fire safety package from a single-source vendor: ranging from the OxyReduct® fire prevention system on its own, or the highly sensitive TITANUS® early-warning fire detection system in combination with OxyReduct®, with the FirExting® fire-fighting system as a rapid mitigation measure, to integrated hazard management using VisuLAN®.


OxyReduct® fire prevention system
Immediate reduction in oxygen content - immediate increase in safety: fires have no chance against OxyReduct®


TITANUS® high sensitivity early-warning fire detection
up to 2000 times more sensitive than traditional smoke detectors


FirExting® fire-fighting system
Fire extinguishing using chemical and inert gases


Hazard Management system - VisuLAN®
Perfectly organised and comprehensive set of system management views

Typical system
  • 1 Protected zone; 2 Nitrogen injection pipe; 3 Operations area; 4 Nitrogen production; 5 OxyControl control unit;
    6 Alarms; 7 OXY•SENS® oxygen sensor; 8 TITANUS® air-sampling smoke detection system
Case study

WAGNER’s fire protection solutions are used in different types of warehouses. Learn more about the concepts meeting the individual needs of our customers in the sub-categories.


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