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Fire safety for the most demanding situations

The potential dangers presented by lithium ion batteries require an integral fire safety concept that exceeds the capabilities of traditional fire safety solutions.

In addition to the risk of explosion, cell cracking when exposed to heat and the resulting release of electrolyte are the main potential causes of a fire.

Risk analysis
  • Lithium batteries burn in an unusual manner
    • Risk of explosion through exposure to heat or short-circuits in the batteries
    • High risk of ignition associated with the electrolyte released through exposure to heat
    • The residues left after combustion can cause powerful reactions or may even be toxic
  • Rising combustion gases ignite the goods stored at higher levels
  • Only minutes are required for fire penetration right up to the underside of the warehouse ceiling
  • Smoke and soot contaminate other goods stored in the vicinity
  • Very restricted access for fire fighting due to
    • The height and density of the stored goods
    • Risk of explosion
    • Falling objects
    • Narrow approach route
  • In addition to the undesirable disruption to operations, a fire often results in a total write-off and environmental damage
Definition of the protection goal
  • To maintain delivery capability and goods availability without interruptions
  • Prevention of dynamic fire propagation through the ignition of the closely packed, neighbouring batteries
  • No damage to the goods and systems by fire, soot or the water used to put out the fire
  • Permanent fire safety without restricting staff movements, use of the building, or influencing the goods, the flow of goods and the warehouse equipment
  • One solution is oxygen reduction using the OxyReduct® fire prevention system, becaus a series of tests supervised by VdS confirmed that, in a typical warehouse storage situation for li-ion batteries, the cells next to a burning cell heat up less at a reduced oxygen concentration, thereby preventing fire propagation
  • Another solution for special areas is the innovative two-phase water mist technology, which provides reliable extinguishing and cooling and prevents reignition
  • For special areas FirExting® nitrogen extinguishing systems are recommended

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