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Prevent downtime - guarantee availability

Uninterrupted operation of technical equipment is a decisive factor for operators of  IT centres. The high level of fire risk that is endemic in IT centres can have grave consequences. Because even a downtime of just a few seconds has a disproportionate effect on the availability of an IT centre. If those seconds extend into minutes, it very often becomes a question of fighting for business survival.


OxyReduct® prevents data centre downtime in the event of fire and was awarded the German Data Centre Award 2012  in the "Data Centre Security" category on 29 March 2012 based on the example of the disaster-tolerant data centre with open indirect cooling operated by noris network AG.

The following year, WAGNER - TITANUS MULTI·SENS® won the German Data Centre Award 2013 for early fire detection in the category "Data Centre Security".

Risk analysis
  • IT centres are characterised by particularly high fire vulnerability because of the high energy density of the electrical equipment installed at these sites
  • Technical faults in the electrical equipment are the main cause of fires
  • Smouldering fires caused by short-circuits or technical faults are typical IT fire risks and generally only discovered after fire damage has already occurred
  • Risk of propagation of dangerous smoke and combustion gases from or into the IT centre through apertures between rooms
  • The use of traditional fire safety systems requires the power supply to be switched off in the event of fire in order to avoid re-ignition after the fire has been put out
  • Loss of data centre availability means damage to the company's reputation and lost market share
Protection goal
  • To avoid switching off the power supply in the event of fire, as required by traditional passive fire safety systems
  • No interruption in data availability (zero downtime) due to fire
  • Safeguarding of highly sensitive data
  • Permanently active fire prevention without adverse effects on staff, without disruption to the EDP processes and without consequences in the event of fire
  • Protection of the significant investment in IT systems

A customer-specific fire safety package from a single-source vendor: ranging from the OxyReduct® fire prevention system on its own, or the highly sensitive TITANUS® early-warning fire detection system in combination with OxyReduct®, with the FirExting® fire-fighting system as a rapid mitigation measure, to integrated hazard management using VisuLAN®.


OxyReduct® Fire Prevention System
Immediate reduction in oxygen content - immediate increase in safety: fires have no chance against OxyReduct®


TITANUS® high sensitivity early-warning fire detection
up to 2000 times more sensitive than traditional smoke detectors


FirExting® fire fighting system
Fire extinguishing using chemical and inert gases


Hazard Management system - VisuLAN®
Perfectly organised and comprehensive set of system management views

Typical system
  • 1 OxyReduct® Compact 2 OXY•SENS® oxygen sensor 3 TITANUS® air-sampling smoke detection system 4 Operations area 5 Protected zone 6 Alarms 7 Nitrogen injection pipe 8 False floor
Case study

noris network AG


Europe's most modern data centre uses energy-efficient Kyoto Cooling® and innovative fire protection technology by WAGNER.

In order to ensure the availability of the data centre even in case of fire, the following fire protection solution was installed at noris’ new data centre building: a combination of very early fire detection and multi-level fire prevention with no need of a power shut off.


Read the full report on the project here.



State Parliament of Lower Saxony


The State Parliament of Lower Saxony in Hanover relies on fire prevention by WAGNER in its newly built underground IT centre.


To ensure that the important electronic data of the state of Lower Saxony remains available at all times, a combination of the fire prevention system OxyReduct® with fast reduction, TITANUS® earliest smoke detection and the hazard management system VisuLAN® was chosen.


Read the full report on the project here.


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