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Protecting irreplaceable valuables

In addition to ensuring human safety, protecting irreplaceable documents and valuables in order to preserve our cultural heritage has the highest priority. Only the greatest possible degree of fire protection should be used to permanently safeguard irreplaceable exhibits and valuables in museums, libraries and archives.

Risk analysis
  • Easily combustible exhibits, e.g. made from paper, cardboard, wood, textiles or in the form of data carriers
  • Highly volatile and inflammable fluids used for conservation, e.g. alcohol or ethanol in the case of wet specimen collections
  • Rapid propagation of fire as a result of closely packed exhibition objects and collections in a single space
  • The fire safety systems in these buildings, many of which are historical edifices, are not state-of-the-art
  • Even the tiniest amounts of smoke and harmful soot can damage the fragile, irreplaceable exhibits, collections or data
  • Destruction of exhibits through contact with fire hose water
Definition of the protection goal
  • To preserve irreplaceable documents, artefacts, exhibits, collections, data carriers and data
  • No contamination of the surrounding area and goods by soot
  • No damage caused by fire or fire hose water
  • Permanent fire safety without adverse effects on visitors, staff , exhibits and the historical architecture

The combination of different technologies offers the best fire safety solution.


The OxyReduct® fire prevention system
Immediate reduction in oxygen content - immediate increase in safety: fires have no chance against OxyReduct®


TITANUS® high sensitivity early-warning fire detection
up to 2000 times more sensitive than traditional smoke detectors


Hazard Management system - VisuLAN®
Perfectly organized and comprehensive set of system management views


Case study

WAGNER’s fire protection solutions are used in different types of archives, museums and libraries. Learn more about the concepts meeting the individual needs of our customers in the sub-categories.


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