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Protecting lives, assets and complete companies


Smoke and fire are elementary threats to the availability of IT systems. So complete operational failure is preprogrammed.

Brandschutz für Hochregallager

Warehousing & Logistics

In situations where very high value stocks are held in storage or delivered on a just-in-time basis, even small fires can become a major problem.

Brandschutz für Archive, Bibliotheken und Museen

Archives, Museums & Libraries

Even a tiny spark or a small amount of water from a fire hose or sprinkler can destroy irreplaceable exhibits and valuables.

Brandschutz für Schienenfahrzeuge

Rail vehicles

In addition to fire risks attributable to technical faults, negligence and arson must also be taken into account.

Other sectors

Adequate fire safety can still be achieved in conditions of high relative humidity or extreme dust and fluff concentrations