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"Fire simply cannot break out here any more!"

The answer comes from you - using OxyReduct®. Because with the help of OxyReduct® an atmosphere can be created where fire simply cannot break out.

The basis priciple is simple and ingenious:
In order for a fire to start, heat and oxygen from the atmosphere are needed. By introducing nitrogen the oxygen content can be reduced and held at a precise level. As a result, outbreak of fire can be excluded. Rooms protected by OxyReduct® remain accessible to personnel.
The solution for the highest protection requirements

OxyReduct® can be used in any situation where the highest level of fire protection is essential. 
It removes any fear of a possible outbreak of fire.

How does OxyReduct® work?

OxyReduct® offers active fire prevention. The oxygen content of a room is controlled using a patented conditioning technology.

As unique as your assets

Each customer receives a specific fire protection system – tailored to specific and unique needs.

Fire protection solutions for a wide variety of applications

OxyReduct® provides fire protection solutions for a wide variety of applications - from EDP and IT, warehousing and logistics to archives and museums.